Retail marketing assignment week 1


Walmart Stores, Inc., with its first discount department store in 1962, currently operates retail stores in various formats around the world and is committed to saving people money so they can live better. Currently, the company’s operations comprise three reportable business segments: the Walmart U.S. segment, the Walmart International segment, and the Sam’s Club segment. Target Corporation was incorporated in Minnesota in 1902. The company operates as three reportable segments: U.S. Retail, U.S. Credit Card, and Canadian.

Write a minimum 2-page report answering the following:

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  1. Discuss why Walmart has been growing more rapidly than Target over the last decade. Do you see this trend continuing? Explain your rationale. 
  2. Develop a summary of the mission and corporate culture of these two retailers. Note a corporate culture reflects the core values, norms, and behaviors that reflect how it behaves toward employees, customers and suppliers.

Note the above questions require you to do additional research on these two retailers. Research the library’s LIRN Databases for more information on the 2 companies. Base your answers on facts and actual financial results.

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