Rhetorical analysis of a speech [ 5 pages double spaced; needed in 17

Ok, I want you to pay attention with this, there going to be a lot of instructions, and the professor is tough. 

Ill upload two files for you, first the instructions which shows you effectively how to build the paper, second file is a grade A sample you can use that also. 


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Very important thing: these instructions are for my previous paper which was Rhetorical Analysis of an Article, however the professor told us it’s ok to use the same instructions and everything to write this time on a Speech


Simply, this paper is basically is to analyze how the speaker on this speech used three major things (logos which means numerical facts and logical words, Ethos which means what make that speaker credible, Pathos all of the things that the speaker said/showed that made us emotional all the way from happy and proud to sad and depressed) and most importantly you need to show how the audience was moved by these three things. Use quotes and examples from the speech


Here is the link of the speech



Oh yeah, this was the professor question 

Here are your speech options for your second rhetorical analysis. The full rough draft is due Monday June 10 for peer editing. The final version is due Tuesday, June 11. Those without full rough drafts Monday will be penalized a full letter grade. Follow the instructions assignment sheet for rhetorical analysis 1, adding only a sprinkle of how physical delivery (voice inflection, facial expression, posture, etc.) contributed to the overall effect of the speech. 


I guess this sums it all, please do your best to avoid any revisions or lateness. I have another one more such paper. If this is a good one I’ll give you the next Rhetorical paper next week. 


Thank you

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