Rhetorical Analysis of Three Advertisements Essay

MLA Formatted!!!!

This paper is about how smart are the advertisements these days and how they trick people to sell there products. This paper should include Introduction + 4 body paragraphs + conclusion.

-Introduction should include a strong hook, general information about the topic, and a thesis statement about the 4 body paragraphs. You will be required to restate your thesis in the beginning of each body paragraph.

-In Body paragraph one you will be required to find one or two logical fallacies that the 3 advertisements relate to (its better that the 3 advertisements fall under one logical fallacies). Explain how the logical fallacies are used in this adds (don’t make your explanation separate for each add, try to include all three together in your explanation to make your paper more interesting to read)

-In body paragraph two you will be required to explain the use of logos in this 3 advertisements. You need to find supporting ideas with examples for the 3 advertisements.

-In body paragraph three you will be required to select one of the 5 of Appeals to Needs and Values (Self-Actualization needs, Esteem needs, Social needs, Safety needs, or Physiological needs). You should be able to fit the 3 advertisements that you choose under one option of the Appeals to Needs and Values.

-In body paragraph four you are required to find another similarity that this advertisement have in common. For example, what they use to advertise their product (animals, kids, and nature?)

-In conclusion you are required to answer:

  • Have I referred back to the title of the essay?
  • Is my conclusion genuinely well-supported by the evidence and argument that I have presented?
  • How did the reader benefit from this paper?
  • Have I made sure that I have not introduced a new argument at this stage?

*Hint from the student: If you think you have to change one or two of the advertisements so you can fulfill the requirements of this essay, you may do that but please let me know and send me picture of the new advertisement that you want to change? If the adds are not clear to see and read, you can search for funny adds and you will see them there.

The paper should be no less than 4 pages with double spaced, indent in each paragraph, 12 pt font size using a legible font style, and Times New Roman style.

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