Risk Management plan

Risk Management plan. Due Week 10 Your final submission is your Risk Management plan.

Your plan should be no less than 10 pages answer the following question: What specific challenges must the HR department address to mitigate organizational risk situations?

The risk management plan should address the following critical elements:

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1. Ethical and Legal Risks—Identify ethical and legal challenges that were taken into account when analyzing the two public cases, such as positive and/or negative impacts on key stakeholders (e.g., employees, their families, shareholders, and the communities involved).

a. What are some approaches your company could take to ensure legal compliance? Explain the probable impacts of those approaches. b. What methods could your company use to mitigate ethical and legal risks? Provide specific examples.

2. Potential Impact—Evaluate the impacts of legal, safety, environmental, and financial risks that were encountered in the two public cases.

a. What was the impact of the legal, safety, environmental and financial risks to the organizations in the public cases? Provide specific examples to illustrate. Use these examples to forecast potential impacts for your company in the risk management plan.

b. Considering that the executive team is having you take a proactive approach by creating a risk management plan to organizational risk, what are some of the costs associated with these risks?

3. Public Relations—Identify the challenges associated with the cases going public.

a. What factors were considered when society as a whole either supported or opposed the decisions made in the public cases? How important is societal support, and what factors will you consider to produce positive societal support?

b. What factors were considered with regard to cultural support or opposition in the public cases? How might you apply these factors to your company? c. Were there political influences affecting management’s decisions in the public cases?

Give examples of possible political issues and explain how they are relevant to your company’s decisions.

4. Trends—Describe current and projected trends regarding workplace health, personal safety, and security in the public cases. Based on those current and projected trends, address the following:

a. What are the implications for workplace health and safety of the risk situations in the public cases? Why should these factors be considered in the risk management plan?

b. Why would an employer be concerned with the personal safety and security of workers in these risk situations?

5. Employment Laws a. Identify the applicable federal laws and acts and the possible impacts of each law on current employees at your company. b. Propose methods that could be used to ensure compliance with all identified regulations.

Risk Management plan

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