Role of special interest groups | HCM-752-H3WW | Franklin University


This assignment is intended to assess your ability to examine the role of interest groups in terms of their impact/influence on healthcare reform.


Where would we be without special interest groups? Don’t answer that too quickly! The policy modification phase, as described by Longest (2010), involves “individuals, organizations, or interest groups who benefit from a particular policy [that] may seek modifications that increase or maintain these benefits over time. Similarly, those who are negatively affected by a policy will seek to modify it to minimize the negative consequences” (p. 147). In this assignment, you will examine the role of interest groups in the policy modification phase.

Action Items

  1. Conduct research about the interest groups listed below. Determine whether or not, and to what extent, each group supports or opposes, the Affordable Care Act. Note that some groups may support some provisions and oppose others:
    1. American Medical Association (AMA)
    2. American Association of Retired People (AARP)
    3. American Hospital Association (AHA)
    4. U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    5. National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
    6. National Retail Federation (NRF)
  2. Write a 4- to 5-page paper in which you address the items listed below for each group. Observe the following constraints as you examine and write about the roles of these special interest groups: 1) Avoid simple, dichotomous comparisons among the groups in favor of a more thoughtful examination of their roles, and 2) avoid politically motivated rhetoric; focus on civil political discourse as you write about the groups. In other words, your focus should be on the roles of the groups, rather than on your personal, professional, or political preferences. Write about each group:
    1. Support for, and/or opposition to, the ACA.
    2. Past (within the last three years) and present political activities related to supporting or opposition of the ACA; also include:
      1. A brief financial snapshot for each organization; i.e., how much money has/will each group spent/spend on their efforts and where?
      2. A brief description of who the group interacts with in pursuit of their support or opposition; identify members of the legislative branch in particular, but also consider the executive and judiciary branches as well.
    3. Future plans, strategies, etc., of the group related to the ACA.
    4. An assessment of the group’s relative success, related to their past and future lobbying efforts.
  3. Prepare your assignment for submission:
    1. Follow all applicable APA Guidelines (Links to an external site.) regarding in-text citations, list of cited references, and document formatting for this paper. Failure to properly cite and reference sources constitutes plagiarism.
    2. The title page and reference list are not included in the page count for this paper.
    3. Proofread your assignment carefully. Improper English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or spelling will result in significant point deductions.
    4. Submit your assignment. Your work will automatically be checked by Turnitin. 
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