SBE 440 Week 7, business and finance homework help

SBE 440 Week 7, business and finance homework help.

Everything had done in previous weeks which i send you , in this week just add previous work in apa and do it as per instructions


  • Each weekly homework assignment builds a section of the final plan.
  • A draft of the plan to date is a graded assignment due by the end of Week 4 that includes the following elements: (1) company description and product/service offered; (2) industry analysis; (3) management plans (4) market analysis; and (5) marketing plan.
  • The complete Business Plan is due by the end of Week 7.
  • A 15-minute PowerPoint presentation and script is due by Thursday of Week 8 (graded).

Best Practices

The following are the best practices in preparing this paper.

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  • Cover Page – Include who you prepared the paper for, who prepared, and date.
  • Table of Content – List the main ideas and section of you paper and the pages in which they are located.
  • Citations – Use the APA citation format and references format.
  • Font, Margins and Spacing – Times New Roman, 12 pt, one inch margins (top/bottom/left/right); double spaced.
  • Feedback on Weekly Assignments – Instructor feedback on all assignments should be addressed in the ensuing assignment.

Completed Business Plan – Due Week 7

Category Description Points %
Executive Summary 1-2 page description of the business opportunity, that can stand on its own for a hurried reader 100 40
Documenting & Formatting All citations in APA format, correct font and margins, 20-25 pages plus appendices 20 8
Organization & Cohesiveness Follows the suggested outline in Figure 1.1 of the text, and the entire text flows logically 20 8
Editing Correct grammar and spelling 10 4
Content Professional quality content with assumptions documented and the following key areas covered: industry analysis (10 pts); target market identified (10 pts); marketing and sales plan including a growth forecast (10 pts); management resources identified; operating plan (30 pts); cash flow forecast based upon documented operating assumptions (30 pts); exit strategy (10 pts). 100 40
Total A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements 250 100

SBE 440 Week 7, business and finance homework help

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