scenario base process map

scenario base process map.

Take these scenario base question and draft a process map diagram. You can add a third scenario base question of you own,


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Prepared scenario Questions

Prepared scenario Questions.

Scenario 1

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! All your late nights, big ideas and hard work have finally paid off, and your manager has entrusted you with the responsibility of leading a team As exciting as this time may be, many first-time leaders fail to consider the fact that they are now a step above their former peers, and may be directly in charge of people who were once at their same level.

1. What one of the 1st things I want to address?

a. Help people ease into the transition by having one on one meetings with the new team members. Lay out the vision for the team and seek input from each person.

b. Celebrate promotion with peers at happy hour. Then lay out the vision for the team and seek input from your peers.

2. Returning to work the next day, your best friend/coworker John says “Let’s Lets go to lunch and celebrate your promotion. You promotion. On the Border has $2 beers.

a. I can go, but I have to be conscious of the time.

b. I can go, but no drinking is allowed for either of us.

3. While eating lunch with John, he mentions “you just got the job and your changing already” How should you respond to John?

a. I would not acknowledge the statement and change the conversation.

b. I have new roles and responsibility to consider. Let’s set some clear expectation.

Scenario 2

Many people fear being promoted and worry about how they would handle peers when they become subordinates. This is a fallacy. They were peers before, and if you are to succeed, they need to stay as that. They need to understand your role has changed, so recruit them in helping you transition.

1. Sandy takes two hour lunch just about every day. Sandy takes two- hour lunch just about every day. The company only pays you for an hour lunch. How should you handle Sandy’s lunch abuse?

a. No one has said anything about it before, so why start now. I use to do it sometimes too.

b. Have a one-on-one with Sandy concerning here extended lunches or ask for assistance on handling the issue at hand from senior management.

2. Communication is a great tool to use. How do you set boundaries and authority in your new role?

a. Be available, empathize and listen intently to what is in your former peer’s hearts. Let them know you have their back and that your relationship matters.

b. Send out a team email and letting them know your expectation and relaying that now favoritism will be allowed and everyone is going to be treated the same.

scenario base process map

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