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The company you chose in Week One will hold a national convention of all of the U.S.-based executive staff members across 15 locations. The CIO has chosen “Cyber Security Awareness” as the theme for the convention. Based on the quality of your previous training presentations, you have been chosen to write and deliver a presentation at one of the Executive Round Table Meetings during the convention. The CIO has stressed creating a presentation that will capture the attention of executive management.

Create a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker’s notes. Use graphics, animation, or charts as appropriate.

Create a 1-page executive summary that the executives can use to communicate the highlights of the presentation within their organizations.

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Include the following topics in the presentation. Avoid using research quotes or acronyms. Combine and/or order the topics in the way you believe to be most effective:

  • What is network protection? What needs protecting?
  • What is a Cyber Attack? How can cyber security help?
  • Security and ROI
  • Legislation and government influence
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • The Six Principles of Information Security Management.
  • What challenges are there with cloud computing?
  • Why is the Internet often considered the cause of cyber security issues?
  • The role of the workforce in security
  • Training, awareness, motivation, and continuous improvement
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Why are contingency planning and vulnerability management important?
  • Security Audits – What are they? Who uses and performs them?
  • Risk Management in reducing the probability of a negative event
  • Social Engineering – What is it? How might we be vulnerable to it?
  • Backups (full, copy, incremental, differential)
  • Deterring network attacks
  • Roles of our employees in cyber security

Compile all files into a ZIP folder.

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