Shift in Aggregate Demand, economics homework help

Hi, I need help with a 10 multiple choice questions for a test based on Aggregate Demand? Thanks in advance.

Question 1

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  1. According to Keynes, the economy can be in macro failure if:

10 points

Question 2

  1. A fall in consumer spending:

10 points

Question 3

  1. The United States has a high average propensity to consume. This means:

10 points

Question 4

  1. In a recessionary gap:

10 points

Question 5

  1. Changes in business investment spending:

10 points

Question 6

  1. Aggregate demand will shift to the right if consumers:

10 points

Question 7

  1. A consumption function is: C = 500 + .80 Yd. This means:

10 points

Question 8

  1. The marginal propensity to consume is equal to:

10 points

Question 9

  1. Which of the following is not an influence on investment spending?

10 points

Question 10

  1. Macro failure is defined as:
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