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Case Study based on Regression

This short case will be graded and should be completed individually. The goal is to practice effective writing of statistical summaries in a way a lay person could understand. This is an important skill in the business world. Just knowing the technical details is not enough. 

Your report will be short (max of 1.5 pages including table) and the spacing should be 1.5 inches. In the report you should incorporate the results properly. When I grade your report, my focus will be on your interpretation of the statistics and flow of your sentences.

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Remember that writing is not easy. You will realize that doing the statistics is in fact much easier. So, take your time to articulate your report. For this reason, I advise you to work on the report well ahead of the due date. If you work on it continuously and you have a good grasp of the “Regression” topics, it will not take you more than 3 hours. 

Remember the following:

  • Only reports uploaded on Titanium will be graded. Email submissions and hand submissions will automatically get a zero.
  • No hand writing on the report is allowed. A pdf document should be uploaded.
  • Reports that read very similar are both assigned a zero. See syllabus on academic dishonesty.
  • Due dates are strict. Do not ask for an extension as there are no exceptions.
  • If you have any question on the case, do so well before the due date.
  • Your report is evaluated based on:

        – Content : all issues raised in the case must be addressed 
                          effectively. Your statistical interpretations need 
                          to be correct. Incorrect or sloppy statements are 
                          penalized. So, need to think before you write.

        – Organization: the report starts by defining the problem, 
                                 analyze data and finally address the raised 
                                 issues. See the example report I have made 
                                 available. If a student addresses the issues like 
                                 solving an exercise by listing them in order, I will 
                                 assign a ZERO as this is not considered a 

      –  Presentation: All parts of the report are written using MS 
         WORD. Any instance of handwritten statement will lead 
         to a significant or total loss of points. The report should 
         be free of typos, grammatical errors, etc.

    Submitting just a report does not guarantee any credit.

  • This assignment is not an exam or a quiz. If you spend some time and be serious about it, you will learn a lot from it more than any other evaluation. Plus, an easy credit just for having fun with it.
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