Silo Simulator project within LogixPro 500

Project Details:

The project will involve the Silo Simulator within LogixPro 500. Follow all the Project Parameters listed, include an explanation of how your project works.

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Design a program that will move boxes to a filling station while the SELECTOR SWITCH is in position A.

  • When the START switch is pressed, the RUN light should come ON.
  • The first box arrives at the filling station and activates a PROX SENSOR, then activates a 5 second timer to pause the process then starts filling the box after 5 seconds is complete.
  • While the box is filling, the FILL light should flash ON/OFF at a 1 second interval. The FILL light should go OFF when the box is full.
  • Once the box is full, the FULL light should come ON, and activate a second timer to wait an additional 5 seconds.
  • After the last 5 second interval is complete, the box should move away from the fill station, and the FULL light should go OFF, so the next box can arrive to be filled.
  • The process should repeat.
  • Once 10 boxes have passed the PROX SENSOR, the process should shut down. Also the RUN light should go OFF.
  • To restart the process, move the SELECTOR SWITCH to position B to reset the counter. Move the SELECTOR SWITCH back to position A, depress the START SWITCH to restart the system for the next 10 boxes.
  • If the STOP switch is pressed the system will stop, and the RUN light should go OFF.
  • The START switch will have to be pressed to start the control system again.
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