Skill Building In Entrepreneurship

Skill Building In Entrepreneurship.

This is a writing assignment that covers the assigned materials (readings, videos, lectures, etc.) for Module 5. Download the Skill Builder #4 assignment template (the link is found below), then write your answers directly into that template (it is a WORD file). Write a minimum of 200 words for each question. Save your changes, then rename the WORD document file as follows: LASTNAME_SB4.docx (your last name followed by an underscore, then the SB1 indication). Then upload the completed assignment to Moodle. This is a TURNITIN assignment on Moodle, which means that when you submit it, you will be submitting it to TURNITIN, and thus receive an originality report indicating possible plagiarism or cheating (there have been problems in the past with students copying the work from past students, or copying from materials previously posted on the internet). You may keep uploading versions of your assignment until you are satisfied with your TURNITIN Originality Report. Remember, you may only obtain a TURNITIN Originality Report once every 24 hours; so allow yourself plenty of time to resubmit if necessary.

For Skill Builder assignments, focus on thoughts and reasoning rather than spelling and grammar. You will NOT be penalized for incorrect spelling or improper grammar or sentence structure. This is a Socratic exercise – an opportunity for you to think and express your thoughts. This assignment is a reflection of the degree to which you are engaged in the course material, and how well you learned the topics assigned this week. The emphasis of this assignment is synthesis – the connecting of dots – where you tie together in a meaningful way (1) the assigned readings and videos, (2) current business and world events, and (3) your previous knowledge and experience. There is no correct or incorrect answer, but rather YOUR answer, based on YOUR thoughts and understanding of the material/concepts. Please avoid trying to answer what others would say, or copy what someone else has thought or written. There are three fundamental mistakes students often make on these assignments: (1) simply rambling unsupported opinions or simply listing the topics assigned this week, (2) failing to apply one’s personal perspective (i.e. writing as if it were a research paper, with no personal perspective applied), and (3) failing to incorporate all the assigned materials for the week (which demonstrates that the student decided to skip some of the readings and other assigned materials). 

Question #1: Try to answer this question before you dive deeply into the assigned materials this week (but if not, no worries). Define creativity in your own words. What is creativity? How does it work? Are some people more creative than others, and if so, why? Can creativity be taught? How does creativity impact a person’s career?

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Question #2: This week I threw a lot of material at you. I wish I had an entire semester to spend with you learning and discussing nothing but creativity, but we only have one week. What I need you to do in this question is to synthesize pretty much everything you learned this week about creativity. Connect lots of dots into something meaningful. Apply YOUR definition of creativity to business, and more importantly, to entrepreneurship (specifically to new venture creation and new venture management?

Question #3: Go to the Stanford Design School web page “Future of Stuff Challenge” (FSC) and review the process. Describe how this approach (developed entirely independently of Dr. Meeks’ experience, research, and formal education) is related to what we are covering in this course. Do you agree or disagree with the FSC approach (or any part of it); why or why not. How might you apply this FSC approach? I really want to know what you think about FSC – please share. Here is the link to the “Future of Stuff Challenge”:

Question #4: Stanford’s Design School is believed by most to be the cutting edge in creativity. Take 20 minutes and review their website (link listed on Moodle under “Assigned Readings” this week). Try to absorb and understand their approach to creativity. Now write a summary of the Stanford Design School approach on creativity. Do you like or dislike it? Do you agree with their thinking? How might you apply this mindset in your current workplace, or to a new venture you are thinking of starting?

Question #5: After reviewing Stanford’s “Bootcamp Bootleg” (the PDF available on the Stanford site, or downloadable on Moodle – listed under “Assigned Readings”). Write a VERY SHORT summary of the Bootcamp Bootleg, then critique it. Do you like or dislike it? Do you agree with their thinking? How might you apply this tool in your current workplace, or to a new venture you are thinking of starting?

Question #6: Explain how you can apply the concepts studied this week (creativity) to your current job AND to your career.

Skill Building In Entrepreneurship

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