I missed the first journal log because I am a idiot, but I wan to get the other two.



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An important quality of effective instruction for second language learners is instruction that is informed by a solid understanding of the cognitive and affective processes involved in learning a second language. This is sometimes difficult to comprehend if you have not had a recent experience in learning a second language. Therefore, you will be learning firsthand what a second language learner goes through, you can sign up for a free online language course of your choice. The links below are some good sites for you to consider using. The language you select must be a second (or third) language with which you have not had any prior experience. This means if you took a semester of high school Spanish, you CANNOT choose Spanish now. This must be a brand new language. The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the language learning process firsthand and to better empathize with your second language learning students; you will not have the same experience if you choose a language where you already have some background knowledge. You will need to do a lesson once a day Monday-Friday (for 15-20 minutes) for the semester and write 3 log entries. Topics for log entries can be found in the folder below. All 3 Assignments titled “SLA Journal Entry” followed by a number. Complete the entries in numerical order.

Please turn in the 3 Journal entries to the “Turn It In” Drop boxes at the bottom of this page.  There are 3 separate drop boxes for each journal entries.  These are labeled SLA Journal 1-3. Dropboxes will appear at the bottom of this page.  Pay attention to what prompts go with which journal entry.  I do not want you to do all of these in the first week just to get them turned in.  The point is to see a progression of your learning and growth over the course of the semester.  Therefore, dropboxes may not be open until a couple days before the due date.  

You will also be completing a daily SLA Journal entry on the form included in a folder at the bottom of this page. It is very simple; it is just a way to document the dates, times, and content of each lesson you complete. Make sure to do this each day you do a language lesson and include them with each SLA Journal. Only include entries up to the point of the next journal due. Further instructions on this are with the form in the folder.

Each journal entry should be 2 pages, double spaced and in APA format. No listing or bullets; use paragraph style.

 Suggested language lesson sites are:

I highly suggest using www.busuu.com   This is a great language learning website for multiple languages; however, there are other sites listed below by language as well. Some links may be outdated, but you can try them or any others you know about.  However, I use busuu daily, so I know it works. Even though it is a free site, you will not have total access to everything because they do want you to upgrade and pay. I do not require this. If this bothers you try a different site like Mango Languages.

Mango Languages is available through your student fees at the WT Library. Contact them for access to Mango Languages. This is also another good language learning program you can utilize.

Other resources:

   French Language Lessons: http://www.jump-gate.com/languages/french/

   German for Travelers : http://www.germanfortravellers.com/learn/index2.html

   Free Italian Course for Beginners:     http://www.abruzzo2000.com/course/index.html

   Beginner Japanese Lessons: http://www.japanese-online.com/

   Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online: http://www.csulb.edu/~txie/ccol/content.htm

E- Learn Spanish Language:




Topics for Journal entries: 2 pages minimum in paragraph format per entry with daily entry logs included in ONE document. This means copy and paste your daily log entry to the back of your journal paper and submit as one document to the Turn it In dropbox. You only get one submission, and I do not grade part of the assignment in the dropbox and part through email.




Use the following form to keep up with your daily SLA Lessons. You need to document the dates you complete lessons and how many minutes you spend each time. You also need to write a paragraph on the content of the lesson. This will 1. Let me know that you completed the lessons and 2. Help you keep up with what you have done, so when you get to the journal writing portion, you have content and documented information to pull from.

You will fill out an entry on this form for every language lesson that you do. You should be doing a 15-20 minute lesson everyday Monday-Friday of the semester. You can copy and paste the form and change the entry number for however many you need.

When you turn in SLA Journal 1, you should turn in your daily lessons form with entries from your first lesson to the SLA 1, so you should have 2 entries.  Then start over until you come to turning in SLA Journal 2.  This means you will start entries again after SLA 1 and turn them in from that point to SLA journal 2.  You should have entries from 12/18-12/29.  Then do the same for SLA 3.  You will have entries from 12/30-1/11. 

Minimum Number of entires on the form by journal:

SLA 1: 2

SLA 2: 5

SLA 3: 4

Total entries: 11

When you turn in your SLA journal, please have the journal entry at the front of your paper and copy and paste your daily entries behind this, so you are turning in 1 document. Do not turn these in separately; they will not be counted if they are not with the journal entry.

This form is a new addition, so there are not examples of it with the example journal entries, but ask if you have any questions. It is much better to seek clarification before an assignment is due than after one is graded.

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