SMGT 632 : Written Assignment 3: Telemarketing Sales Script profile

SMGT 632 : Written Assignment 3: Telemarketing Sales Script profile.

Written Assignment #3 requires students to use the skills gained in Module/Week 3 to create a telemarketing sales script for a sport or entertainment organization.

  • Specifically, in approximately 1000 words, please create a sales script to be used for outbound sales calls. 
    • In the assignment, be sure to describe what telemarketing is and why it is advantageous as a method of sales. 
    • Be sure to address the sport organization for which the script will be used and write out the dialogue as if the phone call is actually being placed.
    • Using a minimum of three academic references, explain your ideas. This assignment is best formatted to write several paragraphs explaining the different aspects of a successful telemarketing call such as the points that the textbook offers. Support these points with other research and at the end provide the script for the actual phone call.
  • Each assignment should have
    • An opening paragraph introducing the topic to be discussed.
    • Supporting paragraphs with citations from academic research.
      • Consider grouping like-items together in paragraphs and support the paragraph with academic information from research.
    • Closing paragraph which ties back into the opening and summarizes the assignment.
  • Support ideas for the plan with academic research from the Liberty library especially journals. Review document on Academic Research by following this path:
    • Course Content > Professor Powell Specific Course Information > Gathering Information
  • Review the rubric for the assignment before beginning the writing so you have clear guidelines for the expectations
    • Course Content > Assignment Instructions > Written Assignments
  • Write in APA format for citations, references, and title page.
    • Course Content > Professor Powell Specific Course Information > various documents
  • Looking for quality graduate-level writing with strong sentences and strong paragraphs.
  • These assignments are best supported with around three references.
  • Please make sure to write in paragraph format, do not number or bullet the items presented.

SMGT 632 : Written Assignment 3: Telemarketing Sales Script profile

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