SO 300 Research Methods Paper(Topic – Childhood Obesity) – 2 Pages – APA 7e Format

SO 300 Research Methods Paper(Topic – Childhood Obesity) – 2 Pages – APA 7e Format.


This assignment examines and applies concepts in the Survey Methods chapter and gives you the opportunity to evaluate surveys.


  1. Using the principles in Chapter 7 of surveys, locate 2 surveys (can be related to your area of interest). One of these should be a survey/ questionnaire that you will justify as high quality. The second survey should be one that you will justify as poor or deficient.
  2. In an APA Style paper, present your responses to the following prompts:
    1. Describe each survey applying key concepts from the textbook [be sure to describe the:
    2. Purpose or goal of the surveys
    3. IV’s and DV’s
    4. Critique of the surveys along with a justification of whether you judged it as high quality or poor quality.
    5. A statement about improving upon the surveys.
  3. Be sure to include internal citations and references for both surveys.

Your paper must be presented in proper APA 7e format.

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Your paper should have a cover page, text body section, and a references. An abstract is not necessary – do not put an abstract into your paper.

Book: Making Sense of the Social World Methods of Investigation Sixth Edition Daniel F. Chambliss

Check out the following surveys, with an eye on how they are constructed, the items (IVs) that are presented, and the ways participants can respond (DVs), AND the number of items that are used to measure a construct.

  • The General Social Survey (GSS)Preview the document– There are 364 pages associated with this questionnaire – regarded as the premier questionnaire for social measurements.
  • 12-item GRIT scalePreview the document– this is a scale that uses 12 items to determine if a person self-reports whether they have what it takes to persistent through adversity.
  • Social Desirability scalePreview the document– This is a scale that measures a person’s self-report inclination to alter behavior to look good to others in 33 items.
  • Multidimensional Experiential Avoidance QuestionnairePreview the document– This questionnaire measures a person’s self-report inclination for 6 different types of avoidance in 62 items.
  • DissertationPreview the document (Nathan Hudson’s 2016 – The impact of attachment anxiety on susceptibility to false memories)– This dissertation example will give you experience with a constructed questionnaire for Nathan’s doctoral degree. You may find the questionnaire at the end of the manuscript in the appendices.

SO 300 Research Methods Paper(Topic – Childhood Obesity) – 2 Pages – APA 7e Format

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