Soc 100 week 2 electronic reserve readings

Identify how roles, needs, and diversity can affect teamwork.


Describe the effect of planning on a meeting’s outcome.

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How does an electronic reserve reading (ERR) selected from the following list enable you to demonstrate any one or more of the foregoing objectives / competencies?

·         Facilitating team learning means more than just assigning team projects. (2005, January). Online Classroom, 4-5.

·         Bermejo, M., & Snachez, A. (2009). Improving learning experience: Detection of team roles in a discussion forum. Proceedings of the Internatinal Conference on e-Learning, 2009, 52-60.

·         Wienclaw, R. A. (2014). Teams and team building. Teams & Team Building — Research Starters Business, 1-6.



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