Soccer outline

Create an outline that clearly shows an introduction, 3-5 main ideas, and a conclusion. You can use Roman Numerals (I., II., III., etc.) or Arabic numbers (1., 2., 3., etc.). Refer to Chapter 12 in your textbook for examples. Write your outline in Microsoft Word and upload it to Canvas.

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What is expected for an outline?

Some presentations require outlines. Part of the speaking process is organizing the brainstormed topics and ideas into a clear, ordered format. An outline is one way to accomplish this task. Outlines are the road maps of a presentation, as they allow a speaker to focus on getting ideas in order for a clear flow and logic in a presentation. Refer to your textbook for tips on outlining. High-level sentence or key word outlines are acceptable.

Informative Speech with Visual Aid

  1. Students will stand at the lectern or podium to present to the class.
  2. Students will begin all speeches by introducing their first and last name and their college major.
  3. Students will prepare a 6-8 minute speech informing the audience about a specific Object, Process, Concept, or Event. Research is required. It is also acceptable to do a demonstration for this speech.
  4. Use of a visual aid is required. You may choose to use PowerPoint or any other suitable visual aid (an object, graph, chart, drawing, etc.)
  5. Students should upload a separate outline in Canvas.
  6. The speech itself should be delivered extemporaneously. Students may use notes if they feel it is necessary.
  7. Students should use as much eye contact as possible.
  8. Purpose: Requiring a speech with visual aids gives students experience in a kind of speaking that is common in business and professional situations.
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