Social problems  that impact our society

Social problems  that impact our society.

There are many social problems  that impact our society, and on a larger scale, our world. As a human services  professional, you need to develop a greater sense of awareness of these social  problems, which will better assist you to become an advocate for the people for  whom you serve.

For this final part of your  project, you will create a brochure or presentation that will be used to  educate others on the social problem that you have spent time researching.

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Part 1: Review

Review your content and determine which format would best fit  your audience. If you choose a brochure, you may design it in Microsoft Word in  any way that you believe is visually and educationally appealing. If you choose  the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation option, include Speaker Notes to  exemplify what you would say in a presentation. Be sure to include current  findings and material as related to the topic.

Part 2: Reflect

Your brochure or  presentation should educate others on the social problem and summarize the  material from you final paper.

Include the  following section headings and content: Please remember to add speaker notes if your using PowerPoint, if not points will be deducted. 

  • Social Problem
  • Historical Assessment
  • Comparison
  • Persuasive Solution

Social problems  that impact our society

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