Social service agency assignment help

Students must submit a 4 page reflection work for this assignment.  There are two options on how you can complete this assignment.  Please choose only one of the following options:



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Students must complete a minimum of 10 hours of service-learning at a social service agency throughout the course of the semester. If you are taking SOWK 4540, you may count your hours in that class as hours in SOWK 1450.  Each student will be asked to complete a 2 page written reflection of their experience and what they gained at the end of the semester.  Students will also be expected to keep a timesheet (Service-Learning Log attached below) signed by an agency representative to verify hours are completed.  This will be turned in with your work.  

Students will be graded according to the number of documented hours they complete and a well-written and thoughtful reflection work.

The total length of this work is not to exceed 4 pages.  This includes the cover page and the signed Service Learning Log.



Students must research 4 social service agencies in this accounting assignment help and discuss the following on each agency with these headings:

1.) Mission Statement of the Agency

2.) Populations the Agency Serves

3.) Services the Agency Offers

4.) Preparatory Empathy: If you were a student volunteering for this agency, how would you prepare yourself before volunteering with this vulnerable population?

The total length of this work is not to exceed 4 pages.  This includes the cover page and the reference page.


Question 1 (5 points)


Bonds payable less the discount on bonds payable is called the carrying value of the bonds.

Question 1 options:





Question 2 (5 points)


If the interest rate on bonds is the same as the current market rate, the bonds will sell for their face value.

Question 2 options:





Question 3 (5 points)


Convertible bonds give the issuing corporation the option of calling for redemption at a stated price before maturity date.

Question 3 options:





Question 4 (5 points)


Bonds Payable is reported as a long-term liability on the corporation’s balance sheet.

Question 4 options:





Question 5 (5 points)


A $100,000 bond issue sold at 103 has a market price of $100,300.

Question 5 options:





Question 6 (5 points)


The premium on bonds payable account would be classified as a(n)

Question 6 options:


current liability.






noncurrent liability.

Question 7 (5 points)


A ten-year bond issue of $400,000, interest rate of 9% paid semiannually, is sold for $440,000 when the market rate is 8%. The bonds were not sold between interest dates and the straight-line amortization method is used. The entry to record the first interest payment would include

Question 7 options:


a debit to Cash of $18,000.


a debit to Bond Interest Payable of $18,000.


a debit to Premium on Bonds Payable of $2,000.


a credit to Bond Interest Expense of $16,000.

Question 8 (5 points)


A $200,000, 8% bond issue was sold at face value and later redeemed at 104% of face value. The corporation would have a

Question 8 options:


loss of $8,000.


gain of $8,000.


loss of $20,000.


gain of $20,000.

Question 9 (5 points)


HiLi Corporation had the following bond issue:

Date of issue/sale: May 1, 20-A Principal: $500,000

Sale price of bonds: 100 Life of bonds: 10 years

Stated rate: 6% a year payable semiannually on October 31 and April 30


Prepare the following general journal entries.

a. The issuance of the bonds on May 1, 20-A.

b. The first interest payment for 20-A.

c. The adjusting entry for December 31, 20-A.

d. The reversing entry for January 1, 20-B.

Question 10 (5 points)


City Slicker Corporation pays $55,000 into a bond sinking fund each year for the future redemption of bonds. During the first year, the fund earns $1,475. When the bonds mature, there is a sinking fund balance of $612,000, and $600,000 is needed to redeem the bonds.


Prepare the following general journal entries.

a. The initial sinking fund deposit.

b. The first year’s earnings.

c. The redemption of the bonds.

d. The return of excess cash to the corporation.

Question 11 (5 points)


Interest received on loans made to borrowers is an example of a financing activity.

Question 11 options:





Question 12 (5 points)


The income statement adequately reflects all operating, investing, and financing activities.

Question 12 options:





Question 13 (5 points)


Dividends received on investments made in the stock of other corporations is an example of a financing activity.

Question 13 options:





Question 14 (5 points)


Operating activities include transactions and events associated with selling a product or providing a service and are related to the revenues and expenses reported on the income statement.

Question 14 options:





Question 15 (5 points)


Tree Top Company’s comparative balance sheets as of December 31, 20-A and 20-B show the following with regard to investing and financing activities:

Dec. 31, 20-B Dec. 31, 20-A

Building $358,000 $ 0

Equipment 111,000 0

Notes payable 38,000 33,000

Common stock 256,000 192,000

Paid-in capital in excess of par¾common stock 56,000 38,000

Retained earnings 231,000 158,000

Net income for the year 20-B was $98,000, and cash dividends of $25,000 were declared and paid. Determine the amount of cash received and paid for financing and investing activities and the cash flows as they would appear on Tree Top Company’s statement of cash flows for the year ended December 31, 20-B.

Question 16 (5 points)


The income statement for Captree Landscaping is shown below. Assume that all revenues and expenses were for cash and that land was sold for $40,000. There were no other investing or financing activities during the year. The cash balances at the beginning and end of the year were $53,000 and $140,000. Prepare a statement of cash flows.

Captree Landscaping

Income Statement

For the Year Ended December 31, 20–

Sales (all cash) $115,000

Wages expense (all cash) (68,000)

Operating income $ 47,000

Gain on sale of land    3,000

Net income $ 50,000

Question 16 options:

Question 17 (5 points)


____________________ and ____________________ are investing and financing activities that involve no cash flows, but represent a significant change in the company’s financial position.

Question 17 options:


Question 18 (5 points)


The ____________________ is a financial statement associated with the operating, investing, and financing activities of a company.

Question 18 options:


Question 19 (5 points)


The statement of cash flows categorizes all cash flow into three major types of activities, namely ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________.

Question 19 options:


Question 20 (5 points)


Match the terms with the definitions.

Question 20 options:


Transactions and events associated with selling a product or providing an assignment writing service. They are related to the revenues and expenses reported on the income statement.


A method of preparing the statement of cash flows in which the revenues and expenses reported on the income statement are adjusted to reflect the amount of cash received or paid for each item.


A financial statement associated with the operating, investing, and financing activities of a company.


Investing and financing activities that involve no cash flows, but represent a significant change in the company’s financial position.


Transactions dealing with the exchange of cash between the company and its owners (stockholders) and creditors.


A method of reporting cash from operating activities in which net income is adjusted for transactions that affect both net income and cash from operating activities but in different ways.


Transactions involving the purchase and sale of long-term assets, investments in debt and equity securities, and lending money and collecting the principal on the related items.


Short-term, highly liquid investments that are considered the same as cash when preparing the statement of cash flows.

1. cash equivalents

2. direct method

3. financing activities

4. indirect method

5. investing activities

6. noncash investing and financing activities

7. operating activities

8. statement of cash flows

Title: Construction Project Management

Course Code: MMN226181   



Use the following video: as the starting point for a discussion relating to the construction of Hong Kong Airport. In particular, you should critically analyse the importance of engaging stakeholders for this project. 

Task One: Written Report (60%)

Working individually, you are to write a report (using headings and subheadings) as set out in the task above. You are required to further research the subject and all of the work must be fully referenced and all sources of information must be correctly identified and cited within the text. The Harvard System of referencing should be used. Academic neglect to reference your work correctly will lead to a poor mark and possible failure of this assignment. 

The word count for this section should be 1500 words (+/- 10%) excluding the reference section and any appendices.

Task Two: Software Project Plan and Summary (40%)

The construction of Hong Kong Airport started in 1991 and was completed in 1998. However, your project director has tasked you with creating a new project plan using Asta Powerproject because they suspect it could have been completed within 5 years instead of 7. The start date for your project should be the 20th of March 2022.  

Before you complete the Hong Kong Airport Project plan, you should review all of the tutorial material online. 

In order to create the Gantt Chart you will need to consider: 

• The tasks involved in the project (maximum of 40) i.e. the construction of the building only (no need to consider planning and pre-construction activities). Summary tasks headings such as “sub-structure”, “super-structure”, “envelope”, “internals”, “services” and “external works” are excluded from the 40 activities  

• The durations for each task 

• The logic and linking of the programme (start to start; finish to finish; start to finish; or finish to start). Further research on the topic should also help with this element. 

• Show the critical path on your programme 

Once you have completed your project plan, you should write a 500-word report supporting your software output. This should include justification of the “logic” used, a discussion on the key dependences of some of the main activities, as well as any other observations which you feel explains your approach. 

Submission Checklist and Guidelines 

1. Your work must include a cover sheet of your choosing. Presentation is important so heading numbering, page numbers and a contents pages is required. 

2. Task one –  written report, maximum of 1500 words (+/- 10% is allowable). Emphasis should be placed on your ability to source and evaluate a wide range of material covering the topic. The report should be fully referenced using the Harvard style. 

3. Task two – completed project plan and a 500-word summary (+/- 10% is allowable) supporting your software output.  

4. Once you have completed your software output based on the Hong Kong Airport, you should export the Gantt chart to PDF. You will need to use a PDF merger (which can be found online) to combine this with your written word document. You should then upload the single document to the turnitin link under the assignments tab. 

5. Drop the original Asta files into the drop box on GCU learn labelled “Asta Submission”. You will only get one chance to do this so please make sure the files that are uploaded are correct. Your name, student number and programme should be the name of this file. For example:


• Remember to check the drop box and turnitin submission to ensure that your work is easy to read. What you see, is what will be marked. Multiple files sent via email will not be accepted or marked.

6. Upload both tasks 19th of April 2022

This submission must represent your own work – any copying of files or other plagiarism will be the subject of disciplinary proceedings.

The following assessment criteria is presented as a guide to the marks available for this work and each section of your work should be reflective of this weighting. For example, failure to provide an introduction will result in a loss of 5 marks.



Introduction to the Hong Kong Airport 

Critical analysis of engaging stakeholders 


Structure, Presentation and References 






Project plan of the Hong Kong Airport  

500-word report supporting/ justifying your software outputs

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