Socw 6530 wk 5 assignment | SOCW 6530 – Social Work Field Education IV | Walden University


SOCW 6530 WK 5 Assignment

For this assignment, you are expected to discuss the organization’s funding sources and, research current state and federal policies that impact the agency’s funding.

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This is a master of social work internship is at Sound options 

I also uploaded my agency power point it talks about some of the contracts they have which deals with funding but most of their funding is private pay, they are a for profit company


Identify the agencies funding sources

Identify state and federal policies that impact the agency’s funding.

Explain in specific detail, the impact of the policies identified and how they impact the agency’s funding.

Discuss potential threats to the agency’s funding as a result of the current policies.

APA format 7th addition cite everything and full references 

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