Solar System Concept map

Solar System Concept map.

Solar System Concept map

100 points

We’re going to do another concept map but this one will be a little different from the Plate Tectonics concept map. This is going to be a visual concept map.

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  • First, get an 11×17 piece of paper. If you don’t have a piece that big you can make one by taping two 8.5×11 (that’s normal size) pieces together.
  • Draw the Sun, the 8 planets and the asteroid belt as much to scale as possible (in terms of size and distance from the Sun) on the piece of paper.
    • Note: you CANNOT draw the solar system to scale and still expect it to be visible. But as you draw think about which planets are larger, which are smaller, which are tightly spaced and which are far from each other. And draw so that those relationships are visible.
  • Now labeling, label everything you can possibly think of about each planet. We want this concept map to include everything any reasonable person could want to know about the solar system. Some things to think about.
    • Name
    • Period of rotation
    • Period of revolution
    • Jovian or terrestrial?
    • Distance from the sun
    • Atmosphere?
    • Size
    • Moons?
    • Rings?
    • Anything interesting about that particular  planet
      • Large volcanoes
      • Big red spots
      • Orbits on its side
      • Runaway greenhouse atmosphere

I’m not saying label it with these things, I’m saying label it with every possible thing you can think of. This should help you see and make sense of patterns in the solar system. Feel free to be creative, get some colored pencils and do it in color if you want. Draw little spaceships and aliens if you want. Have all the fun you want with it. The important thing is to get the information on there so you’ve worked with it, you can see it and your brain can assimilate it. (resistance is futile)

Once you’ve finished your concept map photograph it (Note: it might take more than one picture to do it justice) and submit your photos to the drop box. THEN hang the concept map on your wall in all its glory for everyone to see and admire and for you to study from.  

Solar System Concept map

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