Solutions for Preventing Displacement

First, read pp. 55-89 of Causa Justa’s Development without Displacement report, which analyzes numerous policy proposals for addressing gentrification-fueled displacement. (You may also want to glance at earlier sections of the report, such as the Executive Summary on pp. 6-10 and the Introduction on pp. 11-13. These pages will give you a fuller understanding of the way that the report has described the problem that it is seeking to address.)

Now, begin by listing the 14 key policy solutions for preventing displacement that the report analyzes. Next, choose three (3) of these policy solutions—they should be the three that you find most interesting/compelling—and write a brief paragraph about each of them in which you explain why you think this solution is stronger/more effective than the others.

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It might help to use the 5 frameworks that we’ve discussed—i.e., Causation, Coverage, Cost/Benefit, Feasibility, and Comparison—in your paragraphs. It might also help to do a little more research on the specific policies that you’ve selected. In other words, you might want to plug these policies into Google, the Think Tank search engine, Library Search, and/or Academic Search Complete in order to find out more about them. Who else is advocating for them? What are other experts saying about their strengths and weaknesses? Where else have they been tried? To what effect?

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