City of Lakewood has a test that is uses to screen potential applicants for the position of fireman. it consist of a 50-yard dash, scaling a ladder(for time), carry a heavy pack for 100 yards, and all of this in firefighting equipment … there is also a test using the fire axe to break through a door (also timed). The total score is used to screen applicants (100 points scale). The cut-off point score is 70. Many women applicants complain that the gloves and boots are too big and hurt their times… in fact none have passed the test, the city maintains the test is representative of the job of firefighter.

Analyze and discuss and decide the case. What type of validity are they using? Explain it. Is this the appropriate type or should they use another? Is reliability an issue here? Why or Why not? Explain and defend your answer. Any suggestions for improving the test and/or validation procedure?

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