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Select an academic content area that interests you and create a visual presentation, such as a Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Prezi®, or YouTube™ video, about standards in that content area at elementary, secondary, and higher education levels. Your presentation should be no more than 15–20 slides or 10–15 minutes in length.

Frame your presentation to address the questions under each of the following categories: Students, Teachers, Assessment, and Standards and Benchmarks. Use these categories as subheadings in your presentation.

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  • Do we expect all students to achieve all the standards? Why or why not? Who makes this decision?
  • What academic intervention, if any, will be provided to students who fail to meet the standards?
  • What are some potential effects standardized education may have on students?
  • What does literature say about teacher perceptions of the teaching–learning–assessment process? How does one change teachers’ beliefs about the teaching–learning–assessment process if it does not align with the standards?
  • What are some ways we can help teachers understand the written standards and the implications for their teaching?
  • What steps can be taken to ensure curriculum is not solely focused on teaching to the tests?
  • What support can be given during the process of teachers becoming more autonomous?
  • How is students’ progress toward achieving the standards reported?
  • What changes, if any, need to take place regarding school, district, and state assessments? Provide rationale for your suggestions.
  • How do states, districts, and schools assess whether students have achieved the standards at different levels? What measures of accountability should be taken?
  • Will national or district tests give the United States a barometer for determining how well schools are doing and provide valuable information about which students need additional assistance? Why or why not?
Standards and Benchmarks
  • What is the goal of standardization and benchmarking at each of the following levels: elementary, secondary, and higher education?
  • Who sets the standards?
  • At what levels will benchmarks be written?
  • What is the most appropriate format for publishing standards, taking into account that the curriculum is dynamic and changes will be made, especially regarding the benchmarks?
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