Statistics power point presentation – please have an in-depth

 Statistics Power Point Presentation – Please have an in-depth background in Statistics


You have learned lots about doing statistical analyses. It is time to work without a net.

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For the course project, you will address some questions that interest you with the statistical methodology learned in this course. You choose the question; you decide how to collect data; you do the analyses. Please select a topic that aligns with your degree, so that the knowledge that you gain is practical and helpful in your future career. The questions can address almost any topic (although I have veto power), including topics in psychology, sociology, natural science, medicine, public policy, sports, law, etc. Please see the project ideas in the course documents, if you need help. However, the data that you collect should be quantitative in nature.

The project requires you to synthesize all the material from the course. Hence, it is one of the best ways to solidify your understanding of statistical methods. Plus, you get answers to issues that pique your intellectual curiosity.

Activity Instructions
Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing your research.

  • Begin with very clear and well-defined hypotheses. You should think of questions that interest you first, and then worry about how to collect and analyze data to address those questions. Generally, vague topics lead to uninteresting projects.
  • The most important aspects of any statistical analysis are stating questions and collecting data. Hence, to get the full experience of running your own study, the project requires you to analyze data that you collect. It is not permissible to use data sets that have been put together by others. You are permitted to collect data off the web; however, you must be the one who decides on the analyses and who puts the data set together. Keep in mind that by the end of lectures, you will have learned many inferential statistical techniques, such as hypothesis testing with t, chi square tests for goodness of fit and independence, independent and dependent t tests, ANOVA, correlation, and regression. These techniques will help you address your question of interest.
  • Provide an adequate description of the methods and design of the study. Report on the possible biases associated with your data collection.
  • Be realistic in planning your research design: can you carry out what you have planned within a reasonable time period and investment of your own energy? The quality of the final product is what counts, not just the amount of perspiration that went into it!
  • Make use of the concepts and methods learned in this course, and not just general knowledge, in planning and completing this type of project.

Presentation Format
An effective presentation communicates your project in a clear and concise fashion. The slides should address the following six points:

  • Statement of the problem: Describe the questions you address and any key issues surrounding the questions.
  • Data collection: Explain how you collected the data. Include the sample type, sample size, and any questions you asked. Also, include response rates.
  • Analyses: Describe which inferential statistical test analysis that you did. Be ready to explain why you believe this method is justified.
  • Results: Present the six step hypothesis test. Include the EXCEL printout, and any tables or graphs that support your analyses (be judicious here–too many tables and graphs hurt the clarity of your message).
  • Conclusions: State your p-value and then the answer your question of interest, based upon the data that you collected.
  • Discussion: What implications do your results have for the population you sampled from? What could be done to improve the study if it was done again? What types of biases might exist?

Presentation Requirements

  • Length varies
  • Title slide
  • References slide


Please note, this presentation should be focus on international import or merchandise if possible.

attached is the example provided by the instructor and the grading rubric

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