Study this section on textbook chapter


Game of 21

Study this section on textbook chapter 13:13.14 Focus on Object-Oriented Programming: Simulating Dice with Objects. (9th edition)Note that if you have a different edition of the textbook, you may find that the section number within the chapter is different, although the content is the same. Under Programming Challenges for Chapter 13 (page 808 on 9th edition), find the exercise that says: A Game of 21.You can use the class implemented in the book to write your game. Make sure you don’t copy the book’s implementation blindly, because you will eventually be tested on your understanding of it. Writing line by line what you have in the book may sound tedious, but will help you understand. Your project will have three files: Die.cpp, Die.h and main.cpp (with your game implementation). You only need to turn in your main.cpp file. Your main.cpp should #include “Die.h”. Don’t worry about turning in Die.cpp and Die.h since I have my own. Just make sure to not change any of the function names, otherwise I won’t be able to compile your program. Your main.cpp MUST work with that version of Die.h and Die.cpp that is implemented in the book. This is mandatory. No changes to that class will be accepted.

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