Summary for Web Article (250-300 words)

Summary for Web Article (250-300 words).

Article for summary:

Keep in mind that a good summary describes:

  • The thesis
  • The main points of the piece, including all of the following
    • Explanation of the piece’s reasoning
    • Examples of the evidence used
    • MLA format paraphrasing
    • MLA Format quotation

How will my assignment be evaluated?

At a minimum, your paper needs to satisfy the following criteria. However, the grade is based not just on whether a feature is present or not, but on how well it has been integrated into your paper. The summary should:

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  • Orient the reader to the purpose of the summary
    • Identify the thesis and main points of the piece
    • Identify the author and title
  • Have well-developed substance
    • Accurately summarize the most essential points
    • Include only the author’s ideas or examples – not your personal opinions
  • Have audience-oriented organization (not writer-oriented organization)
    • Write focused paragraphs
    • Transition smoothly from one point to another
  • Have appropriate style
    • Use varied sentence structures and word choices
    • Avoid errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Look professional
    • Properly format the summary in MLA style
    • Accurately paraphrase the author’s important ideas without using the author’s phrasing
    • Quote sparingly and accurately

Summary for Web Article (250-300 words)

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