Summative assessment: health care leadership interview questionnaire | HCS/335 | University of Phoenix–Arizona


Part 1: Conducting the Interview

Use this questionnaire for your Wk 5 – Summative Assessment: Health Care Manager Interview assignment.

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Provide at least 1 paragraph for each question response, with the exception of row 1.

Take notes in the “Response Notes” column for each interview question to prepare for your Part 2: Written Summary.

Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Response Notes

What is the name and title of the person you interviewed?

Enter your response.

What is the organization you work for? What is the company’s mission, vision, and goals?

Enter your response.

What are your job responsibilities in your current role?

Enter your response.

What is your role in ethical decision-making at your company?

Enter your response.

How do you approach the decision-making process when considering an ethical issue? How does empathy factor into the process?

Enter your response.

What is an example of an ethical issue you faced and how did you resolve it? Would you change anything in hindsight?

Enter your response.

What resources do you use to resolve ethical issues?

Enter your response.

Part 2: Written Summary

Write a 700-word summary of your interview in which you:

· Title your assignment “Health Care Manager Interview.”

· Double-space the interview responses and use proper grammar and sentence structure. 

· Summarize each of the answers you received from the interview.

· Explain how you would apply what you learned from the interview to be an ethical health care manager in the future.

Enter your response.

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