1. What is the difference between and indirect and a direct marketing channel?  2. What are the differences among the three types of vertical marketing systems?  3. How do firms develop strong strategic partnerships with their marketing channel partners?   4. What are the marketing channel links associated with each information flow?  5. How do marketing channel members use data ware-houses to make decisions?  6. What is EDI and how is it used?   7. Why do some marketing channels use VMI, while others do not?  8. What is the difference between a push and a pull marketing channel?  9. How does merchandise flow through a typical marketing channel?  10. Why have just-in-time inventory systems become so popular?  RETAILING AND MULTICHANNEL MARKETING  1. What issues should manufacturers consider when choosing retail partners?   2. What are the differences among intensive, exclusive, and selective levels of distribution intensity?  3. What strategies distinguish the different types of food retailers?  4. What strategies distinguish the different types of general merchandise retailers?  5. Are organizations that provide services to consumers retailers?   6. What are the components of a retail strategy?  7. What are the advantages of traditional stores versus Internet-only stores?  8. What challenges do retailers face when marketing their product through multiple channels?  INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS  1. What are the different steps in the communication process?  2. What is the AIDA model?  3. What are the different elements of an IMC program?  4. Why is the objective-and-task method of setting an IMC budget better than the rule-of-thumb methods?  5. How do firms use GRP to evaluate the effectiveness of traditional media?  6. How would a firm evaluate the effectiveness of its Google advertising?


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