Systemically Informed Diagnosis of the Child

Based on your systemic analysis and assessment of the child and family relationships in your Inside out film family from your previous assignment, you will develop a systemically informed diagnosis, choose an appropriate applicable model of marriage and family therapy (MFT), and design a systemic intervention that is developmentally appropriate and fits the film family with whom you are working. Your assessment should include the following:

  • A brief summary of your previous assessment findings.
  • Analysis of key aspects of family relationships, noting specific interaction patterns.
  • Assessment and evaluation of interpersonal exchanges promoting or disrupting integration (identify specific behaviors that supported or disrupted aggression).
  • Identification of how the family has progressed in the developmental transition across the life span and whether this may influence your work with the family.
  • A description and explanation of the DSM-5 diagnosis reached using presenting behaviors that align with the diagnosis and supported by any completed assessments. Please keep in mind that diagnoses are based on symptoms that often develop out of maladaptive relationships. You are NOT allowed to use v-codes as a diagnosis, and v-codes may only be used to describe observed interactions.
  • The systemic MFT theory upon which you will base your proposed interventions and treatment goals.
  • The proposed approach, interventions, and goals, supported with effectiveness research and best practices.
  • A demonstration of awareness of ways ethical and legal requirements impact your clinical work with this family from a systemic perspective.
  • A new updated genogram included within the paper. It will not be graded if submitted separately.

6 pages including the workcited

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