Team Building Discussion

Team Building Discussion.

Access the following link to read quotes that highlight the importance of teamwork and collaboration:

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After reading the quotes from above share your thoughts on the questions below. All posts should be at least one paragraph in length; a paragraph contains an average of five to seven sentences.

  • First, choose a quote from the provided list in this link OR provide your own favorite quote about collaboration or teamwork.
  • Who is this quote by? Where did you hear or read about the quote?
  • What do you think is the meaning of this quote?
  • How do you think this quote inspires teamwork?
  • Inspired by this quote, provide at least two characteristics that are a reflection of effective teamwork in the workplace.
  • Have you ever worked in a hostile and/or unproductive work environment? If so, what made it hostile and/or unproductive?

Team Building Discussion

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