Team Presentation – Major Organizational Leaders

Team Presentation – Major Organizational Leaders.  Each team will create a PPT on an organization. Here are the things you will need to cover in your presentation:

  1. The background introduction of the organization, such as its culture, and the industry in which it competes.
  2. Each team member describes and discusses one leader in the organization, including that leader’s career path, leadership skills, contribution to the organization, etc.
  3. How each of those leaders’ work together to make effective contributions to the organization.

Each team will be required to make a PowerPoint class presentation (approximately 20-minutes in length).  At minimum, business casual dress is required for team presentations. All presentations are expected to be professional in nature; each presentation should be well-organized, clear, succinct, and comprised of reasonable content. Students should also be prepared to answer any questions from classmates and the instructor after the conclusion of the presentation. Team leaders are required to submit the team’s presentation slides by email to the instructor the day prior to the presentations. Teams are welcome to contact the instructor prior to the presentation to discuss any questions or concerns.  Students are required to select materials that do not include derogatory/offensive language, violence, or other inappropriate content. Also, all team members must participate in the presentation; all team members should speak for relatively equal amounts of time during the presentation. Students that do not fully participate in the presentation will be penalized in their grade for the team project.


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Presentation (Key Points)



  • The team dressed appropriately.
  • Each speaker in the team maintained good eye contact with the audience.
  • The team presented the topic in a professional and respectful manner.




  • The main points of the presentation were communicated clearly and concisely.
  • Speakers did not simply read their presentation (from either notes or PowerPoint slides)
  • Each speaker on the team spoke loud enough to be clearly heard and understood.
  • The team effectively captured the audience’s attention from the beginning (e.g., with a quote, statistical information, interesting story, etc.)



  • The team appeared well-rehearsed and prepared.
  • The team demonstrated a firm understanding of the assigned topic.
  • The team responded effectively to questions from the audience.



  • The team finished the presentation within the allotted time and without rushing.
  • The team presented a clear and effective summary of main points at the conclusion.
  • The team e-mailed the instructor a final copy of the presentation at least 24 hours in advance.





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Team Presentation – Major Organizational Leaders

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