Team vs. individual recognition presentation

The project topic is team vs. individual recognition- how to do this. I already have an outline, use the outline to finish this report. You also need to do a powerpoint, one page handout, and speech draft. The outline is 6 pages, I don’t know how many pages I should pay, you should write the whole paper at least 8 pages, if you write more, I’ll give you more tips.

Human resources management course

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Project parts are the plan outline, then a draft written report, Smarthinking receipt forwarded to instructor, slides, presentation, final report, and 1-page handout for audience.

For your reference citations, use at least 6 different sources or articles (no blogs) published since 2012.Cover page, body, and reference list should be > 8 pages total in APA format.Project reports must be submitted in WORD format.Your sources may be verified.Your project must have > 85% originality.

Do not use anyone else’s writing as your own.Also, do not re-use, recycle, or simultaneously use the same type project paper you prepared for another class.This means that if you submitted this paper elsewhere already (to any other class or for any purpose) then it is not acceptable.All quotes, sources, and work of others must be properly referenced in APA format.Build a 1-page handout of interesting key points for other students.The 1-page handout should bring attention to what you found most interesting to learn about this law.The 1-page handout should not be just the outline for your report.

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