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This week we are learning how to critically evaluate information on the internet to distinguish the good from the bad. In this assignment you will put those skills to work.

Choose a topic from the list below. Find three different websites that would be credible sources for academic research on your chosen topic.

Topic choices:

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  • Emerging Technology in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Policy and Legislation
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Electronic Health/Medical Records
  • Privacy, Security and Confidentiality in the Healthcare Environment

In a Word document, you will include a link for each website, along with a rationale (75 words per source) supporting why you believe the site is a valid source to retrieve information from.

Your rationale should focus on the website credibility indicators discussed in the tutorials and lesson presentations in this Unit. Remember that usability and credibility are not the same thing; the website is easy to use – great, but why do you trust it? That’s what you should focus on.

A few points of clarification on this assignment:

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