Tell me about the building

Eero Saarinen – Detroit General Motors Technical Center

Intro: (about the campus)

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The General Motors Technical Center is nationally significant as one of the most important works of architect Eero Saarinen (1910-1961). The Technical Center represents several key aspects of this renowned architect’s career. The “Tech Center” was designed by architect Eero Saarinen, with construction beginning in 1949. The campus was completed in 1955 and ceremonially opened by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on May 16, 1956. The facility cost the company approximately US$100 million at the time.


No need to introduction


Just briefly summarize any important historical events, social changes, economic conditions and/or technological advances to orient your reader to the topic.

1- Tell me about the building> what is it? What is the style of the building?

How were the country and the region/city changing and/or growing?

What political, social, and economic changes were occurring that help to place this building.

2- STYLE and MEANING (half-page).

What concepts, ideas, and/or values did the architect hope to have?

How does the building communicate meaning about the values and public people of the community?

Building Type: (one-page)

Is the program of the building traditional (residential, government, church, etc) or more recently developed (museum, library, hospital, prison, etc.)?

What cultural/economic/social shifts resulted in the need for this building type? (why did they need this building)?

conclusion, Tell me your opinion, How does building work? What has happened to it?


1-MLA-style format- All information that you directly quote or paraphrase.

2- At least, use 2 academic books for the sources and list them on the last page.

3- Keep it simple and easy to understand.

Thank you.

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