Temple University Assignment 5: Music/Sound/Aural Diary

For this assignment, I’d like everyone to keep an aural diary/journal (music, sound), keeping note of all the sounds you encounter during a day (or a particular place, or pattern of travel of time, etc. — I’ll leave the parameters of your journal up to you. For instance, if you ride SEPTA, perhaps keep note of sounds & music, public & private, over a period of several days; or

the aural experience of you workspace; or the sounds outside your window at certain times of day. Just some examples…)

You may record these sounds and then upload them as an MP3/4 format also, but I ask that everyone keep a written journal of observation/documentation notes, and well as some thoughts about your sound journal. What did you hear? Are the sounds something you usually pay attention to, or did this

illuminate a variety of sounds you usually filter out? Did the sounds make you think/experience the landscapes/environments differently than usual? If some of your observances are of media, did your awareness of music/sound in media change, and if so, how? How much of what you

, when not focusing on it, is simply filtered out, to the extent you never listen it (both in media, and city soundscapes?)

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You can also post your locations/spaces on our class

, if you like, as well.

Please submit your diary/journal by Friday, February 22, 10:00pm.

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