The Ethical Trap

The Ethical Trap.
The Ethical Trap

Read the article by Schafer (2011) and discuss an ethical dilemma that you are aware of.  Describe how it was an ethical trap and how it could be avoided. Be cautious to avoid using names. Refer to terms as used in the textbook.

Consider: What Is Your Ethical Style?

In the Gonzalez-Padron (2015), Chapter 5, read the paragraph on distributive justice and the block on pages on Consider: What Is Your Ethical Style?in section 5.1 of the text.

What other ethical traditions contributed to the decision to eliminate tobacco sales? All three types of ethical philosophies could guide CVS management in making the right decision. See Consider: What Is Your Ethical Style? in Chapter 5 of the textbook to discover which ethical tradition is most dominant for you or your coworkers. In addition to ethical philosophies, other individual factors may influence ethical decision making, possibly impeding the company from taking bold and courageous actions reflective of a responsible business (Gonzalez-Padron, 2015, 5.1, para 25).

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In your post, answer the question:

What other ethical traditions contributed to the decision to eliminate tobacco sales?

In addition, answer the questions in Consider: What Is Your Ethical Style? in section 5.1 of the text. Share your results and thoughts on this topic.

The Ethical Trap

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