The Killing of Michael Brown

Annotated Bibliography

You will prepare four annotated bibliography to questions from the assigned readings. Specific instructions will be provided with each question set, and the use of APA 6th edition, a DOI, and Persistent Link for each article.

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1.Justice administrators must know how to plan, implement, and evaluate interventions that address problems in their organizations and systems while taking into account components such as time frame, target population, outcomes, and normative values—guiding assumptions about how the CJS ought to function. It involves problem analysis, setting goals and objectives, program and policy design, developing an action plan, and monitoring and evaluation.

Find an article dealing with criminal justice administrators, or supervisors, or managers, on how they deal with subordinates.

2. Due to the recent police violence there has been a change in the police mind-set and culture. There is a lack of trust between the police and community. Diversity training is necessary, as well as, COPPS programs that builds relationships between the police and the community. Change often needs to from the administrators down.

Find an article dealing with criminal justice community policing.

3. The dual court system is divided between the federal court system and our state court system which is comprised of 50 individual state court systems. Federal U.S. Supreme Court is the highest and oldest court and focuses on constitutional issues or issues of legal importance. Federal U.S. Court of Appeals reviews some criminal cases, but mostly reviews cases originating from administrative agencies. Federal U.S. District Court is primarily the federal criminal court, and some jurisdiction over state courts. State supreme court mainly decides cases surrounding the state constitution. Some states have an intermediate court of appeals to review lower court decision. States also have trial courts that may be referred to as circuit or district courts.

Find an article dealing with criminal justice offenders who are on community supervision what happens when catching a new charge while on supervision.

4. Paper files are a major problem for courts. Many courts have transitions to an electronic court records system. Electronic records save paper and physical space, it is faster and more easily maintained, they are more secure, allow for built-in calendaring and scheduling, and allows the information to be more easily shared. Court reports will still be needed in the courtroom. Courts have also used electronic systems to issues notices and reminders, and issue warrants.

Find an article dealing with criminal justice files – paper and/or electronic storage and their importance.

Reaction paper

Discuss a recent high-profile crime in terms of how the social construction process was utilized to construct the event as a symbolic crime and any social and policy impacts that resulted

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