The Myth of Pruitt-Igoe discussion

This paper is EXTREMELY important because it’s my Midterm Paper.

Please make sure all the information in the answers are until 1965 timeline don’t exceed that time line.

I uploaded 2 files. The Midterm Exam file is the Questions and the Instruction of how to answer each part and the Writing Tips file is the tips that my paper should be write based on those tips. Please make sure to Follow all the tips.

The paper has two parts, A and B. In part A you should answer the question (at least 3 pages) and then in part B you can choose 2 questions out of 8 and answer those 2 separately. In part B each answer should be at least 3.5 pages. Please choose the 2 questions carefully and make sure you can provide a strong answers for each question and exactly answer the question.

I try my best to provide the sources and feel free to ask me anything anytime.


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