The Rise of ISIS discussion

response to each question should be approximately 900 words.

You will be graded on content as well as spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You must therefore construct essays that are well written and free of misspellings.

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1) While combatants are rarely the only causalities of war, over the last several decades many conflicts have seen the intentional targeting of civilians. Indeed, violence against civilians has taken extreme forms. In the cases of Peru, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, why did insurgent groups choose to target civilians, and, just as important, how did their targeting of civilians affect the wars in question? Use examples from the lectures, Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone, and the films Pray the Devil Back to Hell and War Don Don.

2) One of the greatest conundrums for powerful militaries is how to counter small, decentralized insurgent groups who rely on guerrilla tactics. Thus, counterinsurgency methods used by conventional armies are often as diverse as the guerrilla tactics of the groups they are attempting to neutralize. What counterinsurgency tactics have conventional militaries employed and what effects have these tactics had on their respective wars? Focus on Algeria, Afghanistan (with emphasis after 2001), and Iraq. Use examples from the lectures, Endgame, The Rise of ISIS,

Question 1 readings

A long way gone

War don don

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Question 2 Readings


The rise Of ISIS

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