The Use of Own Voice in Academic Writing: The War Veteran Discussion

You have two assignments this week. The first assignment is to complete the Including Your Voice Discussion Post. For this assignment, you will take a look at Chapter 9 in the They Say, I Say. This chapter discusses “dressing your language up” and “dressing your language down.”

Including Your Voice: Take a paragraph from one of the articles that you have read or used for the Article Summaries. Write it in a “dressed down” version and post it to our discussion board. This will give you great practice in paraphrasing for your paper.

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The second assignment is a Metacommentary Assignment. It discusses your thought process about your topic. Answer the following questions about your thought process related to you research paper topic in one page or less. Think of this paragraph as a way to write your introduction to your research paper and your thesis statement which is a sentence or two that details what your paper is about. See the link below for an example:

Metacommentary Assignment Questions

1. What image of yourself did you hope to create in your readers minds? What specific words or sentences help you do that? Why do you seek this image?

2. What feelings do you hope to elicit? (Empathy? Mirth? Shock?Anger? Etc.) How?

3. Talk about your purpose in some detail. How does what you have said for #1 and #2 help you achieve that purpose?

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