three maternity podcasts on Institute for Improving Healthcare (IHI)

Attached is the rubric for the community paper assignment.The community assignment that is currently listed in BB will not be done this term. Below is an explanation of the alternative assignment and rubric.There are three maternity podcasts on Institute for Improving Healthcare (IHI).  You will need to register for a free account. you register you can look for the following three podcasts:WIHI: Momentum for Maternity of the Safest Kind Black Women and Maternal Care: Redesigning for Safety, Dignity, and Respect Nurturing Trust: Addiction and Maternal and Newborn Health will listen to all three podcasts and complete a reflection in APA format. Expectations are outlined in the rubric. The rubric can be found on the Doc Sharing Blog.Attached Files:316L Alternative community rubric (1) (1).docx(14.8kb)

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