Topic 01.1 Assignment: US Healthcare Timeline

Topic 01.1 Assignment: US Healthcare Timeline. HA3010 – Introduction to US Healthcare Delivery SP20 B – Section D01

Topic 01.1 Assignment: US Healthcare Timeline

Create a timeline of relevant events in U.S. health care from its inception to the current time. NOTE: The timeline should be done using ReadWriteThink Timeline.

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After completing the timeline, in 1-page (double-spaced), describe the two events you found most interesting in the timeline and why.

Topic 01.2 Assignment: Interview Preparation

For an assignment in Topic 03, you are required to present the results of an interview with a healthcare professional about your field of choice. At a minimum, you need to ask this health care worker the following questions:

What do you think are the most difficult challenges in delivering healthcare in your job today?

What do you like about your job?

What do you wish you could change about your job or healthcare in general?

What advice would you give someone planning to enter the health field?

In the Topic 03 Assignment, you will be required to upload your typed notes from the interview. Or, if you are able to make a video of your interview using your phone, you may submit the video instead of your notes.

For this assignment, submit your interview plans to your instructor. In a Word document, give the name and job title of the person you plan to interview, the date and time, and the mode of the interview (phone, Skype, in-person, etc.).

Topic 01.1 Assignment: US Healthcare Timeline

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