Topic 4 DQ 2.2 Importance Of Leadership Collaboration In The Nursing

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

In the growing world of the nursing profession, its important to have leadership, collaboration and networking. It’s a crucial form of communication and sharing ideas between nurses and other professionals. Staying involved and connected with other nurses and other professionals through networking events brings great joy and updated education tools. I have attended several nursing conferences and each time I gained new skills, received free CEU’s, meet and engaged with other nurse and brought back new information to my unit. These were very fulfilling and made me feel involved with our nursing legislation of events occurring. Attending conferences/workshops, social media, taking classes will improve and increase your knowledge base and give you the opportunity to work side by side other professionals with the same or similar life goals (Gokenbach, 2012). Each year out facility has a wound care and critical symposium, various leaders from all over NC presents new evidence base practice tools on different topics to help staff and leadership understand what is changing in the healthcare. This is a public event for anyone interested, I have attended this event for the last ten years. Each time I gain new information, meet new friends and receive CEU’s. Networking provides opportunities and opens doors to new information that you wouldn’t have known unless you stay engaged. According to the UCLA Career Center (2011), “Networking and personal communications account for 80% of all positions obtained”. Its beneficial to participate in professional organizations, volunteer, and talk about your career goals. According to Matthew Howard, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, CPN, “Networking gives you a chance to become part of the nursing profession and not just a bystander” (ANA, 2015). Networking takes practice, so attend those conferences, meet new people and enjoy professional conversations.

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