Topic: Application: Building a Basic Data Set

Topic: Application: Building a Basic Data Set.

Your goal for this Application is to create an SPSS data set using data provided in the Application Data Set document. Note that this is not an import activity—you are not attempting to migrate the data using SPSS import tools. Rather, you are replicating the data set in SPSS and entering the data by hand. As you do, make sure to apply the best practices for handling values, variables, data types, and labels.

To prepare for this Application, participate in the Discussion area to clarify any questions you may have about the material presented in the textbook, demonstration video, the assigned Study Questions, or the end-of-chapter exercises.

The Assignment:

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Type in the data provided in the “Module 2 Application Data Set” to create an SPSS data set.

Pay specific attention to:

Data types

Level of measurement

Naming and labeling variables

Value labels

Copy and paste your data dictionary output from SPSS into a Word document, then take a screen shot of the Data View from SPSS and add it to the Word document. Submit one Word document to the Module 2 submission link.

Topic: Application: Building a Basic Data Set

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