Topic: Effectiveness of using cognitive behavior therapy to treat depression

Topic: Effectiveness of using cognitive behavior therapy to treat depression. As scheduled, each student is to select a topic relevant to the course, review current respective literature, conduct a case study, and submit a paper using APA manuscript format with a minimum of 10 pages of text (not including the cover page or any tables, charts, images, etc.) and a minimum of 10 professional journal article references. After written approval of the topic, the student will review relevant current literature, conduct the case study, and complete a report of the study using APA manuscript format. Students’ presentations will be in a professional format. You MUST write about and describe (incorporated into your paper) a theory of health behavior (see chapter 4). The research topic and paper are to be submitted to your Elearning account on time as scheduled. Late submissions are not accepted and will be graded as zero. Missing assignments will significantly reduce your grade for the course. Note that papers may be submitted early. Do not copy, imitate, summarize, or paraphrase the textbook, other students’ writing, or other nonreferenced source. Any form of plagiarism is unacceptable and will result in grade reduction or possible course dismissal. Note that your submission will be analyzed by the Turnitin feature of Elearning. All submissions are to meet a minimum of standards for quality of English composition. Please proofread your assignments carefully before submission; consulting a classmate, friend, or partner to review your work is recommended. Tutorial resources are available at the University. You may send me a draft by email for a review prior to submitting the final copy. Refer to the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual 6th edition for writing standards and formatting. Refer to the grading rubric for clarification of writing expectations. The student is highly recommended to consult examples of the APA format from published dissertations and/or professional journal articles.

Topic: Effectiveness of using cognitive behavior therapy to treat depression

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