Totally anonymous means of accessing the internet.

Question: Please describe the reasons for having a totally anonymous means of accessing the internet.


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Need 1 Response to below discussion:

The Internet is a globally connected network which uses to transmit the data or retrieve the information. Anonymity can be used for good and bad purpose because many of the people are using the internet and discussing personal stuff and more information. In the present era, the internet is used by many of the people in different ways. Where the internet has made life easier and more comfortable. Anonymity is a quality of state of being lack of outstanding or unknown. Anonymity is a person cannot identify based on the dimensions of location or name (Tryfonas & Askoxylakis, 2015). The Internet community is quickly changing day by day so according to the changing, rules and regulation of usage need to change by the government to reduce the issues. There are many benefits of online anonymity such as freedom of movement, personal safety, and can establish the online persona. By the internet, the user can know the new things which are unknown, and it is beneficial to many numbers of the people in the world. These are the reason for the total anonymity for facing on the internet. No doubt that the internet is a very beneficial tool for the user but at the same time it is very harmful or dangerous. By using instant messaging, social networking sites, and emails will bring trouble for young people (Gonzalez, 2014). The dangers of using the internet are online predators, phishing attacks, cyberbullying, theft of confidential information, and pornography. There are dangers with the internet. By using some techniques hacker will steal the confidential information of users and blackmail them to do illegal or unethical things.

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Need 1 Response to below discussion:

I believe, there could be several great reasons for accessing the internet anonymously. I have done this myself using LinkedIn. When I was looking for a job, sometimes I had to click on the recruiter’s profile, which by the way, I understand is acceptable. However, looking at the same recruiter’s profile again and again simply because I forgot to take a sneak peak at one of the facts / figures in his profile is simply creepy. To prevent multiple views of my name on his profile, I had to go incognito mode and this way I get what I am looking for and also the recruiter is not creped out by my several views.

There could be other unusual reasons as well. There is dark get out there which apparently, makes up for more than 50% of the internet. This internet is not accessible using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. It need a special kind of software called the Onion router which, I think, automatically disables your IP address so that no one can track what you are doing in the dark web. The dark web consists of data which could be potentially harmful to the global citizens. Therefore, I am not suggesting checking that out. It is dangerous and not recommended. Who knows what FBI or some secret agency’s folks might come after you and charge you with treason for accessing those otherwise inaccessible files?

Instructions: Need minimum 100 words

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