43.   Advantages of defined contribution retirement plans versus
defined benefit retirement plans include all of the following except:
  a.   vesting is usually faster.
b.   pre-retirement contributions are
c.   pension costs are more
d.   employee mobility is

  e.   none of the above.


38.   According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which of the
following occupational groups is likely to be categorized as having nonexempt

  a.   Administrative

b.   Professional

c.   Executive

d.   Clerical 

  e.   Sales force


33.   In the _____ employee benefit package, a package is
designed with the average employee in mind.

 a.   shared

b.   standard

c.   cafeteria-style

d.   federal 

  e.   involuntary

32.   A
hierarchical pay structure will encourage employees:

  a.   to accept a promotion which requires
developing new skills.

  b.   to offer customers excellent service.

  c.   to search for other jobs.

  d.   to be committed to the organization

 e.   to control costs.

27.   The
pay differences among levels are referred to as:

  a.   differentials.

  b.  the gini coefficient.

  c.   criteria.

  d.   internal equity.

 e.   external equity.


12.   The major complaint of both managers and employees
regarding the appraisal process is that:

  a.   appraisals were not helpful in guiding

b.   reviews don’t differentiate
between poor, average and good performance.

c.   appraisals are too subjective.

d.  rating forms are too complex and time


  e.   comparing the total department performance to
the estimated performance of competitors.


13.   The two most commonly used team incentive performance
standards are: 

  a.   productivity and quality.

b.   productivity and customer

c.   financial performance and

d.   customer satisfaction and financial

  e.   none of the above.


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