Understanding the business of the healthcare industry

Reflection Entry-Cover the following briefly within the first page in your own words:

Define the phenomenon big data.

Define and illustrate the applicability of and need to engage use of small data.

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Discuss the internal components of healthcare service delivery.

Discuss the key external influencers of the healthcare delivery environment.

Identify the three areas where misalignment between hospital components and healthcare users may occur.  

Identify the services performed at various points on the health continuum.

Discuss what strongly influences medical care decisions in regard to supply-sensitive care.

Identify foundational drivers for change that are taking place in the industry.

Define the terms HIPAA and HITECH

Cover the following briefly in the second page in your own words:

The fundamental purpose of analytics.

The basic business functions of finance, marketing, and operations.

The dimensions of changes in the work and relationships of people in the business of providing healthcare services.

Steps involved in Stakeholder Analysis Process.

Identify the 3 general ways to assess productivity.

Two pages minimum required formatted according to APA Style. No Scholarly Sources as this is a brief reflection of these topics in your own words.

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