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Each student has to hand in an Individual Project. Taking “one” large company which focuses its strategy on consumer products (Unilever) the student will have to analyze the international marketing strategy the company uses when adjusting its products or services to the different international markets where it operates. It is important to focus on the Marketing Mix and Extended/Service Marketing Mix Concept (4Ps + the 3th P). Minimum requirements: the paper must be at least 7 pages long and  (minimum of 2000 words.) – double-space excluding references, index, appendixes, and cover page -. Those sections must be included but do not count as project pages. Diagrams, flow charts, or exhibits are required as they will make for a better product.  Deadline: Friday, 11:59 p.m EST.   Academic format : double spaced, 12 pt. Font, Times New Roman Reference s: 5 = academic or respected business publications.  Citation : APA style  Minimum 2000 words excluding cover and references pages Title page: title of essay question, name of student and date. Format : introduction, main part and conclusion.  Content : discussion of the business issues surrounding the topic, personal position and recommendations. Outline for paper: 

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1.     Executive Summary (about 300 words) 

2. Company & Product a.     The firm b.     The industry c.      Management d.     Product attributes 

3. Country a.     Overview b.     Economy c.      Culture and Society d.     Political system e.      Legal and regulatory system f.      Key demographics g.      Political, economic, and regulatory risk factors  

4. Goals   a.     What to achieve and why (be specific, give some metrics) b.     Risks involved and the likelihood of accomplishing goals 

5. Overall Competitive Strategy (core of the plan) a.     Situation analysis ( SWOT ) b.     Local competitors c.      International competitors d.     Likely duration of first-mover advantage if relevant e.      Basis for competing effectively in the long run (specify an overall strategy) f.      Resources and capabilities of the firm 

6. Market Entry – Alternative Courses of Action a.     Entry mode as the best alternative selected b.     Locations for operations (production, sourcing, distribution) 7. Segmentation/Targeting /Positioning (S/T/P should be consistent with and driven by overall competitive strategy) a.     Segmentation options and final basis and analysis for segmentation b.     Target group(s) selected, size, sales potential  c.      Positioning options and final analysis and basis for positioning  

8.  Marketing Mix and Extended Marketing Mix (4 P’s should be integrated among themselves and be consistent with S/T/P) a.     Product (how adapted if at all, degree of standardization/customization, why appropriate, what needs products meet, what their advantages would be over local and global competitors ’ products/services, etc.) b.     Promotion (what media, other promotional efforts, budget and allocations, objectives for ads and promotions, what kind of reach expected, how promotion would be culturally appropriate or tailored, degree of standardization, etc.) c.      Pricing (what pricing strategy used, how to deal with inflation or other currency issues, use of differential pricing across markets, etc.) d.     Place or Distribution (what channels to be used, what channels available, expected ease or difficulty of channel access, measures used to overcome difficulties, distribution methods, etc.).  e.      People (the employees, their training, attitude, structure, etc). f.      Processes (operations, manuals, systems, software in place, etc.). g.      Physical evidence (physical stores decoration, uniforms, smells, colors, etc.) h.     Partnership/Productivity (productivity and partners relationship in the supply chain management, effectiveness and efficiencies of key suppliers, etc.). 9.Marketing Budget  

10. Implementation and Control Plan 11.Expected Results If the plan were successfully implemented, detail the performance expectations, including two years of revenues, expense, market share, and profit projections 

12. Conclusion page explaining competitive advantages, value propositions, and strategic sustainability. One Page 

13.  References Cited (final page of the plan must be in APA format)

14. Use the outline as your subtopics. 

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